Sunday, March 16, 2008

Now... That's... Slow...

Over a year ago, I blogged about the trash collection in my neighborhood. One day, without warning, my neighbors and I were supplied with three large trash collection barrels, one for garden waste, one for recyclables, and one for the other stuff. Along with the barrels came instructions on how to fill them and place them on the street such as 18 inches apart, wheels against the curb, lids closed, away from trees, etc. Besides being so large the barrels do not fit in many people's side yards (including mine). They are very heavy, especially when full and hard to manage even with wheels. And to make matters worse, the day of trash collection was the same day they swept the streets. With the trash barrels out on the street up against the curb, the sweeper could hardly do a very affective job. Some streets have no parking signs, but that does not include the trash barrels, I guess.

The entities involved both refused to change their schedules and we have been living with this situation for 18 months. Many meetings were held, many petitions signed, surveys filled out, and finally there has been some progress on the matter. Starting in April, the trash will be picked up on a different day. Yay.

So, take heart, there are still some elements of our lives that are very slow, usually those involving a government agency.

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  1. Street sweeping and trash pickup are scheduled for same day in my neighborhood too. They do one side of the street on Thursday, the other on Friday. The reason for this is to keep the trash truck from having to contend with parked cars.

    We are all supposed to put the trash bins up on the parking strip - next to the street but not in it so that the street sweeper can do his thing unimpeded. (It's a one man show now that the trucks are fitted with the hydraulic arm for grabbing, lifting, and dumping the trash.) Only about half of the residents bother to put their cans in the right place. The rest do it the way they always used to: trash bins in the street. Some of my neighbors haven't even bothered to switch the day of the week that they put their trash out. I wonder how they can be so oblivious.

    I'm starting to rant, so I'll just wish you a good weekend.