Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knitting at Last

The combination of cooler weather, finishing other projects, the new Rowan fall magazine (#46) arriving from Sakonnet Purls, and my daughter's prodding has gotten me knitting again. Yesterday I decided to take an inventory of all the projects that have been sitting incomplete. I was surprised at how many there were! Here's a rundown on what's not been happening in my knitting world.

I have some friends who went to graduate school and finished ABD, meaning "all but the dissertation." Well this project is ABB, all but the buttons. I figure that when it gets cool enough and I want to wear it, I will sit down and sew the remaining buttons on. It also needs a final blocking to uncurl the bottom edge and, of course, the part I hate, I need to weave in all the loose ends. (I once sent my brother-in-law a gift with the ends still dangling by mistake. My sister took care of the problem for me. Thankfully, our mother taught us both well.) So here is the Feather and Fan Cardigan, ABB, started last October.

My daughter likes it so much she asked me to make one for her. (That's where the prodding comes in.) Hers will be a lovely green.

I did decide to use that luscious Knit One, Crochet Too Handpainted Ambrosia yarn to make the Bam Boo Girl-Tank in CEY's Make it Modern. Looks like I started this one in February and this is as far as it got. It's a lovely yarn and I will finish this one to wear next spring.

Another sweater started for my daughter is Anya from Rowan Magazine #40. Anya is gorgeous! Or at least it will be when it is finished. I have the back/front done. I need to do another just like this and then the sleeves. Anya was started sometime before February of 2008, but then I put it aside, and then my daughter got pregnant, and then... I have lots of excuses. It will make a great ski sweater, not for skiing itself but for the apr├ęs ski activities. It is amazingly lightweight even though it is fair isle knitting pattern with beads, etc., because it is made partly with kidsilk haze, a very versatile yarn that Rowan is still featuring in its magazines. But it will be WARM! I asked my daughter if I could wear it when I go skiing, but then I didn't go skiing last winter.

When did I start Helon Dress? I don't remember. It's a crochet project and also comes from a Rowan Mag, # 43 to be exact. Sizing problems were the reason for setting this one aside. But it is pretty and I ought to figure out a way to solve my problem, or just rip it all out and start over. (Blogger insisted on turning this photo when I uploaded it and I can't figure out how to turn it back. If you click on it, you will see it with the right orientation.)

And then there's Glade, also in Rowan Magazine #40. Someday...

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  1. We didn't go skiing last year, either. But we are planning for a Feb 2010 trip to Steamboat Springs, CO (the week after Pres. Day). Are you interested? Two other families from Boulder, CO expressed interest in the trip, provided our schedules work.

    The plan is to fly into Denver the Sat of the Holiday weekend. Spend 1-2 days acclimating to the altitude in Boulder, then head up to the slopes on Monday. There is a good chance of a free place to stay in Boulder.