Monday, June 15, 2009

A Grand Canyon Walk

I tried to escape the annual June Gloom here in LA by going to my son's place in Arizona for a couple of weeks but I'm afraid that I took the overcast skies and cool weather with me. But that didn't spoil our trip to the Granddaddy of all canyons—Grand Canyon National Park. The Canyon is so-o-o beautiful and awesome and lots of other adjectives that one picture cannot do it justice and I found myself snapping one photo after another trying to capture some of its splendor. I just sort of randomly picked this photo out of the hundreds of photos that I took while we were there. If you have ever been there, you may recognize this as Bright Angel Trail which starts at Bright Angel Lodge on the South Rim. In the distance is Bright Angel Canyon which is perpendicular to the canyon carved out by the Colorado River.

I had been to the Canyon once before but that was a long time ago when my husband and I were driving cross country to start our new life here in California. We stayed one night only in one of the Bright Angel cabins. It was in March and to our surprise it snowed during the night. The Canyon was breathtaking the next morning. I always wanted to go back and see it again and spend more time soaking it all in. So my DIL and I planned this trip last April when we all got together after Baby M. was born.

We were a little late making reservations and everything was totally booked, but I managed to find two rooms for us at the El Tovar which is where we stayed the first three nights. Then we headed for Williams just to have the pleasure of taking the train back up to the Canyon. As it turns out, the weather was gorgeous that day and I got some of my best photos of the Canyon in the short three hours we had before boarding the train again for the return trip.

It will take several posts to talk about all the things that we did, so I'll just post one more photo for now and leave the rest for later. This photo was taken at sunset on the third day of our stay.

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