Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year to one and all!

I decided it was time for a change. I hope you like my new layout. It is a sea theme and doesn't really have much to do with knitting except for all those lucious, warm fisherman's knits I could make. I'll put that on my list.

Now is the time for lists of New Year's Resolutions. After just getting back from Arizona where I spent a wonderful and relaxing (well most of the time it was relaxing) Christmas with my son and family, I am ready to tackle new things. At the top of my list of resolutions is to get my health back on line (more about that later) and get back to doing my exercises regularly. Then I want to reduce some of the clutter around the house so that there is room for new projects. In the knitting area, I want to get Anya at least started for my daughter, finish the Maltese shawl for my daughter-in-law, and knit myself a pair of socks. I've never done socks.

Books to read include finishing Maynard Solomon's Beethoven. I also want to finish listening to the lectures on Beethoven's piano sonatas by Robert Greenberg. I never realized how fantastic Beethoven's sonatas were—so rhapsodic, like he was improvising when he wrote them, but yet they are so well-crafted. I can see I will be buying more CDs in the near future also.

And then I want to travel. I have lots of frequent flyer miles and itchy feet. No definite plans yet, but something will happen. Stay tuned.