Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Crèches

Julie asked for more photos of the crèches I saw on Saturday, so here they are. This top set of figures are actually puppets! And very large, too. They were created in the Slovak Republic.

This figure of Joseph on the left was carved from ivory in Alaska. I think I heard someone say that the ivory had petrified. I liked the colors of his robes and the imperfections in the ivory that give it texture. Click on the photos to see larger versions and enjoy all the details.

On the right, these tall elegant figures are from Venezuela.

The next photo on the left is a set that was made of felt. I do not know where it was made but that is a yurt behind the figures!

Likewise, I do not know where this happy group on the right came from. The faces on some of the figures were quite severe, so it was nice to see this smiling group.

Next on the left is a set that was made by Robin Teller of the Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico. It seems the entire Teller family are potters. On the right below is a set made in Tasmania.

I am going to finish this collection of photos with this colorfully painted crèche that was set inside a wooden box. I love the faces on the animals!

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