Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Traffic Jam Newfoundland Style

As you have probably already guessed, I have been on vacation. I just got back last night and am still downloading and working on the more than 850 photos I took. My travels took me to New England and Pennsylvania, but also back in time to the Colonial 1700s and the Transcendental 1800s. But more on all of that later. Meanwhile, I received some photos from a friend in Canada that I thought you might enjoy. My friend and I share an interest in genealogy and have done quite a bit of sleuthing together in the past by email. She has roots in Newfoundland as I do.
What were all these people who were heading for Middle Cove Beach just north of St. John's on Newfoundland so eager to see? Whales gobbling up capelin or caplin as the Newfoundlanders spell it. Cod fishing is practically synonymous with Newfoundland and lots of capelin means lots of cod. Capelin feed on plankton while cod and other larger fish feed on the capelin. In an interesting turn around, capelin also feed on cod roe. Cod fishing which used to be a way of life for Newfoundlanders is strictly limited now due to overfishing. A sight like this warms the hearts of all "Newfies" including those that no longer live there.

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