Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer Projects Completed

I finished the second Gedifra project that I had lined up for summer and I love it! The picture is kind of dark because the cabling shows up better that way. My daughter commented that the sweater looked like I bought it which I will take as a compliment. The cabling did come out very nice and as I have said many times before, the yarn is so soft! The pattern is Gedifra 848 from Highlights 061 and the yarn is Top Soft which is part silk, part polyamide, and part viscose. I used size 10 needles but I wish now I had used smaller needles. I got gauge with the 10s but I am an extra small size.

I didn't make any changes from the pattern but there was one error in the instructions. The armholes have a lovely double chain selvedge around them and the instructions call for having the yarn at the back of the work for both slip stitches. It should be yarn in front for the first and yarn in back for the second. And I must say I found the instructions hard to follow. One needs to be well acquainted with knitting sweaters to understand them. I struggled and ripped out several times before I got the shoulders right. Maybe that's why I don't see many other people on the web doing Gedifra projects.

So now on to something new—another lace project for my daughter from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby—the triangle shawl on page 134.