Friday, June 1, 2007


My weekend in Arizona gave me the chance to get caught up on some of my knitting and crochet projects. I finished the knitting and crochet part of Gedifra 706 from Highlights 051, but I still need to block it and sew the pieces together. And I have started Gedifra 848 from Highlights 061. The Top Soft yarn is so much easier to work with than the California Like that I used for the 706 pattern with all the little ribbons attached to it. And it is very soft! I did enjoy using my dusty crocheting skills for the flowers in California Color, though. I'll show photos in a few days.

My 10-year old grandson and I also finished his Pikachu which we started at Christmas time. Generally, I would get a piece started for him and he would finish it. At the end, I did all the sewing together so if it doesn't look like the Pikachu you know, it's my fault, not my grandson's. There weren't any pictures with the pattern probably due to copyright concerns. Anyway, he is delighted with the results. He was so pleased with himself that on his own he went looking for more free patterns on the Internet and found the delightful Things pictured above. After getting him started on his first one, he took over and finished it by himself including the sewing. (I think his Mom sewed on the button eyes for him.) He has now become a crocheting expert, has the pattern memorized, and is churning out Things for everyone!

Meanwhile, my daughter sent me a picture of Baby C. in the raglan sweater that I made for him. It finally fits him!

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  1. That Pikachu looks really good! I like the "things" as well that Nick made!