Thursday, May 17, 2007


The Bushtit eggs have hatched! The parents have been buzzing back and forth from the nest at a furious pace. I managed to grab this photo of one of them. It's out of focus, but they are too fast for me.

I'll be glad when my duties as Grandma are done for this brood. I have been keeping everyone out of my backyard for two weeks now and the grass needs clipping. Last week I caught a Jay pecking at the nest. Jays will eat the eggs of smaller birds, so I chased him off. Then I spotted a cat on top of my grill with evil thoughts in his head. So after chasing him off, too, I moved all furniture and the grill away from the hanging pot that holds the nest but cats can jump several feet up into the air to catch something if they want to.

It's really tough being a bird!

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