Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More on Gokhale

I have received Esther Gokhale's book (8 Steps to a Pain-free Back) and am slowly working my way through it. It's a wonderful book, full of great photos and has much more detail on how to achieve good posture than her website does. Interestingly, I had been coming around to her way of thinking on my own, but her instructions have helped tremendously to make the concepts work.

But trying to turn printed words, even with lots of photos, into three-dimensional movement is difficult. So here is a YouTube video of Esther talking to Google employees and demonstrating some of the key ideas of her method.

And the book is not just for people who are currently suffering from back pain. It's for anyone who wants to optimize their health because how we stand and sit and walk affects our breathing and the workings of all our internal organs. Using Esther's method, you will find you have better circulation (no more early morning leg cramps for me), more energy, and even more confidence. It just makes you look good.

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