Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Laptop

Yay! I'm in! I am currently visiting my son in Arizona and have not been able to sign in to Blogspot for several days. I was getting very frustrated because there were so many things I wanted to post. The problem was my old Sony Vaio laptop which I brought with me was dying and couldn't be prodded to continue to perform anymore. I've had it since 2001. The first thing to go was the DVD burner. That happened several years ago. Then I couldn't even read DVDs or CDs which meant that I couldn't install new programs or updates that came on discs. Then the batteries wouldn't hold their charge anymore and Sony no longer makes that model. Generic batteries proved to be worthless. The wireless card wouldn't work after my son and I spent hours trying to get me connected to his network. But worst of all, the old laptop had only 20GB of memory which gets me nowhere now that I have a new camera that takes 8MB photos.

So today, my son helped me pick out a new laptop—another Sony Vaio. It's an early birthday present to myself. Now I can watch DVD movies in bed again, take exercise DVDs with me when I travel, download all the pictures I want (it even has a built-in card reader), and connect to the Internet with ease. So far, Windows Vista has not been too difficult to figure out and it sure is fast, especially when handling those 8MB photos. I'll have to wait until I get home to install some of my favorite programs like Paint Shop Pro, but now I can install the latest version.

I still don't know what the problem was signing in to my blog, but now that I'm in I can post all those great pictures I've taken here in sunny AZ.

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  1. TK enjoyed doing it...but You didnt get to hear the Chatter on how he wants to set you up with web cam so we can talk more !!!

    It was a great Thanksgiving. I Cant thank you enough MOM !!!

    AZ DIL