Wednesday, June 18, 2008


After spending days trying to import my thousands of email messages that I don't want to lose into Microsoft's new Windows Live Mail because they told me that they would no longer support Outlook Express after June 30th, now they tell me they are postponing the date that the switch will become irrevocable, and are looking into updating Outlook Express to accommodate DAV. I guess they got a lot of complaints. Well now I am complaining! Make up your mind, guys!!

Computers drive me nuts. Why do they have to keep updating things? I am tired of wasting time learning new programs or re-learning old programs that have been updated. Quicken forced an update on me just before tax time. They could have planned that better! And to be honest, I don't like the new Windows Live Mail. For one thing, it is slower than Outlook Express and seems to have a few bugs. While it is very similar to Express, there are some differences that I find annoying. I might be able to set it up to work exactly like Express, but that takes time.

I'd much rather spend my time knitting or gardening or blogging.


  1. let me know if you need any assistance. We are moving our calendaring to Google. They have a great calendar service that allows easy sharing with other users so I thought we could all set up a family calendar to share?

  2. I don't use Outlook, just Outlook Express. But sharing dates sounds like a good idea. My problem now is trying to decide whether or not to continue using Live Mail until the dust settles, or go back to Express. It could get confusing managing my email for awhile.