Monday, March 31, 2008


Tumacácori National Historical Park is located in Southern Arizona just north of Nogales and the Mexican border. It was originally a mission established by the Jesuits and later run by the Franciscans. I was inspired by the adobe ruins to try my hand at artful photography and so will just post the photos without further explanation except for the last photo which does require an explanation.

Taking a break from our tour of the ruins and birdwatching in the garden, we sat at a picnic table to have a snack. My grandson decided to give this ant one of his cashews (the cashews that I had roasted myself in coconut oil for two whole hours! But I digress.) The ant took off at such great speed with it that we were surprised and everyone requested that I take its picture. What is even more surprising now that I have had a closer look at the result is the fact that the ant was moving backwards (towards the upper left corner) not pulling, but dragging the nut along!


  1. I still love the photo of the window and plants. I will be sure to show Nick the ant picture. See mom it just proves WE ALL LOVE THE NUTS. MK

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