Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Lunar Eclipse

There will be another eclipse of the moon this coming Wednesday night, February 20th to 21st. And for North America, this one will be at the comfortable hours of 10:05 to 10:48 p.m. EST or 7:05 to 7:48 p.m. PST. These times are for the totality. The whole show of the moon going in and out of the Earth's shadow takes much longer and is fascinating to watch. The eclipse will actually start on the West Coast before the sun has set and the moon has started to rise. I took this photo last August when the eclipse occurred at 4:00 a.m. The red color is caused by all the sunrises and sunsets around the Earth being reflected at the same time! Cool, huh?

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  1. Did you take pictures? My camera is not tricked out for such pictures, but yours are very good! I saw a little bit of it in San Francisco and it was beautiful.