Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome Rain

It rained last night! It not only rained, it poured! That's big news here in LA where we have been having a severe drought. I was awakened at 4 a.m. by the lovely sound of raindrops on the bricks outside my window. You'll think I am crazy, but I actually got up to take pictures!

I love the smell of rain, the creosote odor before the rain starts and the fresh wet smell after it is over. The downpour only lasted about 10 minutes and that was it. This morning's sky was full of beautiful billowy clouds, something we don't see very often in LA either where the sky is almost perpetually blue, or alternatively, gray.

This was a nice gentle rain with no wind or lightning. But how do you take pictures of rain? I managed to catch the drops of water that were cascading off the roof of my house and the picture below shows my snowbush (Breynia nivosa) with raindrops on the window of my atrium.


  1. The raindrops coming off the roof is magnificent. I have camera envy.

    What did your rain gauge read? Breathing Treatment got over twice as much rain as we did.

  2. Rain gauge? er... Do I have one of those? A totally unscientific measurement of the water in my fountain in the atrium, which was totally dry yesterday, shows we got about 0.5 inches last night. Some of the water has undoubtedly evaporated by now (4:49 p.m.), so it may have been slightly more. We had no appreciable rain this morning. Just a sprinkle.

  3. Beautiful pictures!