Friday, September 14, 2007


My plumeria has bloomed! It has the most intoxicating fragrance amd blooms in the fall. I bought this plant as a six-inch fat stick with no leaves on it from the South Coast Botanical Garden for $4. I stuck it in a pot and for many years it produced leaves but no flowers. I didn't even know what color the flowers would be if it did bloom.

The plant grew bigger and bigger, got transplanted into a bigger and bigger pot, but still no blooms. Kathy asked me, "Are you giving it any fertilizer?" No, I wasn't. So I started giving it Bloom Booster and lo and behold, I got blooms, but only on one stalk. The plant now has nine stalks and this year for the very first time it will bloom on two stalks! I'm ecstatic! And it's pink, my favorite color!

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